Philosophy Statement

The philosophy of Mount Washington Preschools and Child Care Center, Inc. (MWPCCC) is focus around three fundamental principles:

  • Children’s Environment
  • Curriculum
  • Parent Participation

Children's Environment

MWPCCC provides an environment that promotes self-esteem and the sense of fundamental worth of each child and staff member. We recognize their individuality, and maintain a supportive setting for the needs of both the children and staff. At the same time, we see children as an integral part of the community based on an understanding of others and a respect for diversity. We provide activities and experiences to develop your child’s sense of relationship to the local and global communities that they are part of. Thus, we strive to maintain a balance between the uniqueness and social identity of each child.

MWPCCC addresses the needs of the whole child by providing opportunities in the interrelated areas of physical, social, emotional and cognitive growth. Play is highly valued. We encourage children to explore experiment, ask questions, initiate activities, and solve problems in ways appropriate to their age and stage of development. Children learn best when they are motivated by their own curiosity and innate desire to discover, know and understand. We stress a cooperative approach and nurture creativity. While we allow your child a wide range of experiences and opportunities to explore their environment, we make sure your child feels stimulated but not threatened by excessive expectations. Most importantly we try to make your child feels at ease, comfortable and secure in a nurturing setting in order to maximize their learning potential.

We provide a multiracial, multi cultural environment that encourages a variety of experiences appropriate to the children’s diverse backgrounds. We are multi-lingual, please let us know if you need any forms translated into your preferred language. We ask that you teach the classroom teachers frequent words used in your home language, so that we can use these words to communicate with your child using familiar words and phrases. The program is gender neutral in that children participate in a variety of experiences that do not limit their interest and competencies on the basis of gender. Children with special needs are welcome in MWPCCC, if the center’s environment is judged to be beneficial to the optimum development of the child.

If your child has a special need, or is developmentally delayed, please know that their therapist, assessors, and consultants are allowed to be here with your child. Please make sure you schedule any appointments with the center director.


Our learning curriculum is based off the children’s interest. We call this Emergent Curriculum based off the research by Elizabeth Jones and John Nimmo. This is the way we plan curriculum. We observe the children, and learn what interests them, then the teachers will create the lesson plans based off the interest. We are able to incorporate a lot of small group activities.

Our curriculum focuses on a wide variety of developmentally appropriate activities that support children's language, social-emotional, cognitive, and physical growth. The curriculum grows out of the children’s interest and abilities. We encourage active learning through organized play, exploration and interactions. Children are individually challenged to further develop their fine gross motor, math, creative, cognitive and science skills through activities such as lacing, classification, numeration and block play.

We encourage language by consistently reading books to children, individually as well as in a large group, throughout their every day routine. Furthermore, staff supports language development through singing and language- extension which continues to increase children’s language. Reading readiness centers around activities that include left to right seriating, transcription (putting children thoughts and language into written words) and the labeling of classrooms materials.

Autonomy and Social-Emotional growth is encouraged through self-help skills (pouring, self-serving etc), decision making process, sensory play, and the ability to engage in small and large group activities. The curriculum at our centers support a childrens' individual abilities and interests. Children will be consistently praised and applauded for their attempts and efforts throughout their daily routine.

“Many times parents would like their children to “learn” instead of “just play”. Our program offers children a variety of learning opportunities through play with materials that challenge children’s individual development and maximize their learning potential. Teachers in our program are trained to help children acquire a variety of skills through consistent interactions during these “play times”. Here are just a few of the concepts we will help your child learn as we challenge them with a curriculum that meets their needs, interests and abilities while developing the skills they will need in their journey of life.”

Parent Participation

Parent participation is crucial. MWPCCC strongly encourages parent participation regarding center planning, program activities, and decision- making within its organization. Participation helps parents foster a better understanding of the program’s goals; objectives and needs in addition to helping the center maintain a quality program.  We encourage you to share any skill or interest you have with your child’s classroom or at the monthly parent meetings. All parents are encouraged to participate and attend all of the following:

  • Center Events/Field Trips
  • Classroom and Center Parent Meetings
  • Fundraising Events
  • Parent Workshops and/ or In-services
  • Volunteer during the day