The teachers in our program are eager to maximize your child learning potential as they participate in our daily activities! As you can see your child’s day will be FILLED with a variety of learning opportunities.


When I participate in art and drawing activities I learn:

  • Hand-eye coordination, a writing skill.
  • The relationship between space and size.
  • To express my feelings and thoughts through transcription (adding written words to my art).
  • To hold a pencil or graphic instrument, a fine and gross motor skill.
  • Concepts of shape, size, color and location.
  • Concepts of symmetry balance and design.
  • About mixing colors to make new colors.
  • To exercise my imagination and creativity.
  • Possible left to right progression, a reading skill.
  • Language.

When I sing songs, read books and listen to flannel board stories, I learn:

  • Language,
  • To listen, sit down and share my ideas with my friends, a social skill.
  • New Vocabulary words.
  • Recognize and remember names, songs, books and stories.
  • TO be cooperative and considerate of needs of my friends, a social skill.
  • Help plan what we will do and when.
  • Memory and sequencing skills.
  • To recognize the differences in sounds so I can learn to use language.
  • The principles of music and rhythm.
  • To recognize objects, numbers, colors and shapes.
  • To wait and take turn necessary.
  • To recognize print.

When I do cooking projects I learn:

  • About nutrition, food groups and taste.
  • How temperature changes the consistency of materials.
  • Concepts of measurement and volume.
  • Awareness of my own and other cultural foods.
  • Language.

 When I play with pegboards and building blocks I learn:

  • One to one correspondence, one peg for one hole, a math skill.
  • Making and repeating patterns, a math skill.
  • Concepts of addition and subtraction, a math skill.
  • Color identification.
  • Color, size and shape classification.
  • Language.

When I play with large blocks and cars I learn:

  • Concepts of shape, size, length and location, reading and math skills.
  • To create and repeat patterns, a math skill.
  • To cooperate with others, a social skill.
  • To solve problems about space and location with my friends, a social skill.
  • To express ideas about creativity.
  • Color, size and shape classification.

 When I Use riding toys I learn.

  • Strength, balance, and large muscle coordination.
  • To use my energy in constructive way.
  • To express my ideas with friends, a social skill.
  • Language.

When I play in the dress up area I learn:

  • To play different adult roles
  • To improvise or use materials in a symbolic way, abstract thinking.
  • To solve and negotiate problem with my friends, a social skill.
  • To be flexible and make decisions.
  • Language.

When I cut with scissors and sting beads I learn:

  • To control my fine motor skills, a pre-writing skill
  • Hand-eye coordination.
  • To exercise my imagination and creativity.
  • To create and produce patterns.
  • Number concepts such as more, less, longer and shorter, a math skill.
  • Language